Diversity in Storytelling Webinar Series

As tour directors and guides, the stories we tell matter more than almost anything else we do. As tour operators, our tour experiences are only as good and meaningful as the stories told. Come join us for an exploration of the hidden, difficult and often overlooked stories of American history.

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Series Curators

Leon Burnette is the founder of the Media Arts Institute, and the director of the Diversity Project in Travel and Tourism. He is deeply passionate about sharing the stories of the civil rights movement of the U.S. South, and teaches, trains, and mentors other storytellers. He is the author of a handbook on the Civil Rights Trail, and a former music executive.

Mitch Bach and Alan Armijo believe in the transformational power of storytelling, and lead workshops and trainings on the subject around the United States. As the leaders of TripSchool, they believe that travel has the power to change minds, educate, and transform the world.

Upcoming Schedule

From Civil War to Civil Rights: The Story of Raleigh, North Carolina

Tuesday, November 10 • 7pm EDT

African American history is intertwined throughout downtown Raleigh- the Capital of North Carolina. From the Civil War to Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter Movement today, we’ll explore this important part of Raleigh’s history.

Within 1 mile of the North Carolina State Capitol building lays the following: 1.) birthplace of the Student Non-Violet Coordinating Committee, an important leading group during the Civil Rights movement; 2.) the opening of Shaw University, the first African American university in the US; 3) the birthplace and burial plot of Anna Julia Haywood Cooper, the first black women to graduate from the Sorbonne, France and; 4.) the home and community of Dr. Manassas Pope- an African American doctor, a graduate of Shaw and leader of a thriving middle and professional class of African Americans in early 20th- century. This rich history is intertwined between Jim Crow statues, the Mordecai and Lane Plantations, and the birthplace of Andrew Johnson (17th President of the US). We’ll also discuss two statues that have been recently removed from the Capitol grounds during the Black Lives Matter movement.