Tour Guide “Show & Tell” Virtual Tours

These sessions were all delivered live by tour directors and guides in the TripSchool community during the worst of the covid-19 pandemic. They were done freely to keep our community entertained and engaged, boosting morale during one of the bleakest moments in the industry’s history.
Once Upon a Grimm, Grimm TimeA history of how our favorite fairy tales came to be and how they have changed the world around them... Ever wonder where we get our modern day fairy tale stories? How have they grown with the times? How do these stories transcend borders? And, how do they remain iconic in our society today? Come join us as we learn everything there is to know about the Grimm's Fairy Tales!Halsey KinneWatch
An Introduction to Sign LanguageJoin Suz as she shares her journey about when and why she began signing. She'll teach you the alphabet, numbers 1-22, and a few other signs too. She'll also share with you a website that she frequents for signing as she takes some time to talk about sign languages other than American Sign Language (ASL).Suzanne FortnerWatch
I love the Côte d’Azur: A History of the French RivieraEver wondered how the south of France became the famous French Riviera? Come join us to learn some history about the south of France and hear a little gossip too. Enjoy this narrated history and visual journey through beautiful places topped off with photographs of delicious food.Constance SableWatch
Charlottesville, and everything Thomas JeffersonDive into the details and history of Charlottesville's top destinations as Kim shares her passion for the region and one of its most famous inhabitants: Thomas Jefferson! Learn about Monticello, UVA, Michie's Tavern, Carter's Mountain, Kesewick/Boar's Head, the C-Ville winery/brewery scene, the downtown area, and TJ in this informative session that is sure to keep you captivated for more than just an hour.Kim ChaulkWatch
Crocheting for BeginnersHave you ever wanted to learn to crochet? If so, now’s your chance! Join Liz as she shows you the basics of crocheting. She’ll cover everything from how to get started to different loops/stitches. You’ll even end the session with a flower of your own creation. To actively participate, all you’ll need is some yarn and a 5mm (US Size H) crochet hook.Liz RichardsonWatch
Route 66Let's get some kicks! Route 66, Steinbeck's “Mother Road,” continues to attract millions annually. David will share the “don’t miss” sites and how to leverage “pop” culture and media for your guest adventures.David MWatch
A Showcase of Indian Cooking TraditionsJoin us as we learn from Neetu about Indian Herbs and their strength to build the immunity. She will show and describe some herbs which can boost immunity. She will also demonstrate how to make the Masala for the famous Masala Chai (the Indian way) which helps cure cold, cough, and flu like symptoms. The masala is a rich mix of black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger powder to heal sinus issues, headaches, and constipation. Neetu will also add a few acupressure tips to increase immunity. Finally, we will wrap up this session together by chanting a Hindu Shloka for healing as a prayer.Neetu ZaveriWatch
SPECIAL SESSION: Go Local! Developing Your Own Local Tours with ToursByLocalsThis special session will feature Julieta Delgado of ToursByLocals, who is joining Mitch & Alan to talk about developing your own local tours to generate income and meet the travel demands of a post-COVID tourism market, where we'll probably see the first travelers staying closer to home. We'll discuss entrepreneurship, tour design, the state of travel today and where we see it after this crisis begins to subside!Julieta Delgado, Alan Armijo & Mitch BachWatch
Battling for Belfast: How Black Cab Tour Guides Shape the Memory of the TroublesIn Belfast, one of the most popular tourist attractions is a Black Cab Tour, which is a tour of Belfast with a focus on the Troubles. The best part of the tour is that it is led by a cab driver - a person who was alive during and was directly impacted by the Troubles. The stories that they tell during the tours help to shape the world's memory of how the Troubles happened and how the city is healing presently. Morgan conducted 10 oral histories with these guides and plotted a map of their stops along the tours to see if Catholic or Protestant stories were told more. What she found was groundbreaking! Listen in to learn why!Morgan CantrellWatch
Salt Lake City & MormonismBrothers and sisters, this is the place! Welcome to Salt Lake City, the Crossroads of the West. Join Utah based Tour Director, David Beach, for an all tea, no shade (okay, maybe a little shade) look at all things Salt Lake City. Be prepared for a local expert to give a city tour that’s sure to please both the saints and sinners aboard your tour. Mormons, polygamy, and booze, oh my!David BeachWatch
Why they sang the BluesThis presentation will explore the people, places, events, and music in Mississippi that changed the world! Let Leon take you on a journey where you’ll learn about the connection between the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi and the influence that Mississippi Delta Blues Music has on the world.Leon BurnetteWatch
Eastern State Penitentiary’s History (Philadelphia)Have you visited Philadelphia? Do you think you’ve seen everything the city has to offer? Think again! Join us for a run down of Eastern State Penitentiary’s history, architecture, and current exhibitions! In this informative presentation about this famous former prison, you’ll also learn the logistics of brining a group to the site and how to handle the ongoing changes and challenges that continued construction presents.Fayge HughesWatch
Ancient Egypt in the U.S.Ancient Egypt is alive and well in a city near you! Its symbols and stories, even its actual objects are found throughout museums and destinations around the globe. If you’d like to sound like an expert as you lead your groups past obelisks and through exhibitions, join us for an hour of iconography and artifacts. Special attention is given to NYC locations. Not for the faint of heart! Be ready for stories that include hippo wrestling, fratricide, and arguably the world’s first sex toy.Amy McMahonWatch
Italian Wine Tasting (& Learning)!Join us for a wine tasting! Sommelier Sommelier Agi Toth Babochay and winelover Grace Simpson will discuss how to taste wines, with a focus on the Sangiovese grapes of Tuscany. Go out and buy your own chianti or other Tuscan wine (Grfione from Trader Joe's is $5!), and we will share our bottles together, and hear from the experts on how best to enjoy them! If you only drink whites, get a pinot grigio or prosecco...or all three!Agi Toth Babochay & Grace Simpson
Sugars, Spices, and All Sorts of Cultural NicesVamos explorar how the Portuguese launched the Age of Discovery and connected the world never seen before its time. From new navigation technology to cultural cushions, you’ll find out just how the early explorers created the first world wide connected web.Halsey KinneWatch
Costa RicaSo you wanna go to Costa Rica? Well, until we can travel again let's take a virtual tour. Before you go you will want to know a little about the history of one of the smallest yet most diverse countries in Central America. We will journey to the different regions and learn what makes them special, from climates to flora and fauna. We will discover their unique culture as seen through their very talented artisans. Last but not least, discover some out of the way places you will want to visit when you make your plans to go to my Mother Country, Costa Rica.Shelba BellWatch
Emergencies on tour! What do I do?Have you ever had an emergency on tour? If not, you will. Join us for a must see webinar and understand your role. Review the steps to take and the Good Samaritan law to be sure you're protected. Review of CPR and Stroke symptoms, understand First Aid situations and how to monitor until things worsen or until definitive care is available. Specifics on breathing, behavior, bleeding, burns and joints. Carole has been an EMT since 2002, a WFR (Wilderness First Responder) and an AHA (American Heart Association) CPR and First Aid Instructor since 2002.Carole LinhartWatch
ScandinaviaLooking for an escape? Come join Miriam for a journey to Scandinavia where she will share popular places to visit, intriguing stories and tales, and a touch of her own personal favorites! She’ll bring the destinations to life as she takes us on an adventure through Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, plus a hint of Finland and a whiff of Iceland, too!Miriam BourinWatch