Tour Guide & Experience Training Programs

The tours & attractions industry is undergoing a seismic shift. Today, the market wants experiences. We offer a variety of training programs, from online courses to in-person workshops and classes to make sure you or your tour company is operating at its best! We have combined almost 40 years’ experience leading tours around the world, and our classes are recognized by some of the world’s largest travel companies.
“You can’t get a better tour education — any location on the planet than from TripSchool, hands down. There’s simply no comparison with TripSchool. None!”

– Jack

We offer three varieties of guide training opportunities.

Online Courses

We create customized online courses focused on guiding skills, storytelling, tour craft, for both individuals and tour operators.

Entrepreneurship and Guiding Craft Classes

For anyone interested in becoming a local tour guide, improving their craft, and start their own tour business, our in-person classes are an unbeatable way to begin!

Next Class: May 21-25, 2020 – New York City

Private Company Master Classes

We come to you! We host private trainings for your tour company, in-person, with one, two or three instructors depending on your size.

Online Courses

Our online courses are tailored to you or your organization’s needs. From mastering storytelling to tour logistics, crafting the perfect experience, food tour, day-long activity, or choreographing the guest’s total experience, we harness our decades of experience and connections in the industry to teach you and your guides the skills they need.
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In-Person Classes

Our in-person sessions are intense workshops designed for individuals looking to improve their craft, improve their business skills, or organizations looking to up their game.
► 2020 sessions will be announced soon!

Practical and Intense Workshops

The days are long, and the work is all hands-on and intense. We’ll use our time together to take the skills you learned about online and bring them into the real world, in small group, practical sessions designed to make you tour-ready.

Motor Coach Training

For some guides, the bus is your tool of the trade. We practice engaging with an audience on a moving vehicle, using available technology, and how to craft flexible, engaging material that can change and develop based on traffic.

Storytelling Craft

Let’s be clear: storytelling is everything. It’s the art and skill of knowing how to deliver material in a way that makes a place come alive. Knowing how to begin, where to go, and when to end. Our methods are our pride and joy, and we share them with you on our trainings, to put you above the rest.

Walking Tour Training

Learning how to lead a group through the streets, and project and lead confidently, are some of the most essential skills you’ll need in this business. We’ll work with you to make sure you can handle these situations confidently, and share our methods for making your walks engaging for everyone, no matter the age.


We are the leaders in using new technologies to enhance your tours. Technology has shaped what guests want out of a travel experience and you should master all aspects of it to best prepare for your trips. We’ll teach you best practices when using web and phone apps to collect and map your research, and implementing the use of tablets, wireless printers, custom movies, and A/V coach hookups to deliver an incredibly rich travel experience.

Crafting the Experience

We’ll help you learn the best strategies for understanding the nuts-and-bolts of how to prepare your tour routes while finding ways to wow your groups with special stops along the way. Learning how to get it all organized and timed correctly is the foundation of the job.

Wow Moments

Everything we do comes down to what we call “wow” moments. It’s the parts of a trip that guests talk about once back home. Your preparation, storytelling ability, and real understanding of the places where you are leading trips all combine together to give you the ability to create incredibly unforgettable, unique experiences for your clients. In today’s travel market, this is what groups crave.

Different kinds of tour experiences

From the growing popularity of food tours to the complexities of adventure tours, we cover everything you need to understand what you’ll need to succeed.

TripSchool Quality

We stand behind our guides. We work with tour companies to make sure the guides they hire are of the highest quality, and share the TripSchool spirit of focusing on storytelling and delivering wow moments. A TripSchool certified guide means you can trust the experience you’re buying.
TripSchool Boot Camp Graduates
TripSchool teaches you how to engage people, peak their interest, keep them listening without boring them. Their techniques put us ahead of the pack, and their talented staff is always willing to share their knowledge so we can all succeed beyond expectations. Anyone looking into this business and wanting to shine should not hesitate to take the course. I wouldn’t be the TD I am today without TripSchool. Having applied their lessons, I’ve already received stellar feedback!
Once you are an official graduate, they don’t drop from your radar. They stay in contact, keep you updated with what’s new in the business, give you job leads and assist in preparing for your tours. They truly care about your success!

– Terrie

Who is teaching you?

Mitch Bach

Mitch is an internationally recognized travel speaker, trainer, tour director, and author of four guidebooks. He’s been the keynote speaker at leading international travel conferences, consults privately for leading tour companies around the world, runs his own tour company and has been a tour director for 18 years.

Alan Armijo

Alan has worked in every imaginable sector of the travel industry, and knows the ropes better than anyone. He’s been a travel agent, flights coordinator, tour operator, and a tour director across the United States and Canada for over 20 years. He is at home equally in the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies and the busyness of New York City. He understands the tour industry better than anyone.

Special Guest Instructors for Tour Guide Training Class

Special Guest Instructors

Joining Mitch and Alan are a rotating crop of industry experts, ranging from newer tour directors sharing their experience, to school teachers offering their feedback on what makes a great student tour director. The end result is giving you an understanding from industry experts what’s expected in this career.

Why we’re different

Ready to change your life?

We’d like to have a chat with you and have you fill out a questionnaire before committing to the course. It’s an intense class, requires commitment and passion, and is not for everyone. We’d like to make sure of your career goals before enrolling.

Email info (at) for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

TripSchool was founded by veteran tour directors Mitch Bach and Alan Armijo, after nearly 40 combined years in the travel industry. Together they’ve worked in every sector of the travel industry, and after so many years in the profession they’ve learned the techniques to become an exceptional tour director that engages with today’s tour guests, and today’s travel landscape. We’re known for wowing groups with our knowledge of not only what’s expected, but also the special spots and ways of telling stories that make you look like a superstar, from your first tour.

Because TripSchool’s instructors all learned their craft on the road, we’ve structured our certification program to be entirely a small group, practical workshop. To save you money and time, we’ve placed the classroom learning on an online course, to make every minute we spend together about working with you to become a master tour director.

We are more than happy to answer any additional questions that you may have! Feel free to e-mail with general questions about TripSchool. Because most of the TripSchool team are working tour directors, we ask that you please allow us 48 hours to respond.