Introducing the Arival 360 Virtual Conference

Note: this is a TripSchool page. Visit Arival for their full conference agenda.

What is Arival?

Arival is the industry’s leading conference for tours & attractions. Everyone from the biggest players down to small mom-and-pop solo entrepreneurs and tour guides attend for unparalleled networking and learning opportunities.

Why attend now?

The industry is being hit hard, and as tour guides, tour directors and entrepreneurs, we need to see the bigger picture of opportunities out there for making your career work. If you want to stay in this industry in the foreseeable future, you’re going to have to create your own destiny. The learning and networking that will happen across 60+ sessions and 5 days will help you secure the connections and knowledge to prepare you for the future.

What is TripSchool doing?

TripSchool is curating an entire day of the conference on 11/5, which we’re calling Tour Guide and Operator Boot Camp. The idea is to focus on practical skills and learning from real guides and real small operators. We’ve assembled what we think is a group of the world’s most interesting and creative entrepreneurs, tour operators and guide trainers sharing their best practices.

Conference Schedule

10/22 Pre-event: Trivia Night with Atlas Obscura!

Before the conference begins, we’re sponsoring a happy hour mixer, hosted by Atlas Obscura, maybe the best website in the world for weird and wonderful stories about places! They’re hosting a Trivia Night where you’ll play in small teams, getting to know attendees of the conference.

10/26-11/4 Arival 360 Main Event

Four days of unparalleled networking and learning, featuring real-world businesses and the world’s top companies coming together to discuss the industry’s future.

October 26: The Way Forward

  • Keynote addresses looking at future themes facing the travel industry, and a Q&A with the head of Viator
  • Expert session looking at how to plan during crisis and making the right moves for your business
  • Real-world stories from tour operators making it work

October 29: Rethink, Reboot, Restart, and Rebound

  • A look at online sales and distribution
  • Product design, pricing & operations
  • Exploration of operators pivoting: food tours in a box, and more!

November 2: Digital Developments

  • A look at self-guided technology and virtual tours
  • What’s going on in the world of Google, Facebook, and other platforms?

November 4: Networking Accellerator

  • Throughout Arival 360 you have the ability to meet up with prospective business partners, clients, and industry friends. But each day there is so much going on that you might have trouble meeting everyone you want to speak with.
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11/5 TripSchool x Arival: Tour Guide & Operator Boot Camp

Closing out the conference, TripSchool is curating a day of over 35 learning sessions. Join industry experts as we explore entrepreneurship, rethinking tour product possibilities, storytelling, building diversity into your experiences, and developing world-class skills for guides and experience hosts. Think of today as a time for reinvention, refreshing, reinvigorating, and rethinking your tours and business.

This is a day for tour guides and business owners alike! It’s time to bring together everyone to discuss and share the way we can move forward, together! This day runs from 10am – 5pm EDT, plus happy hour afterwards!

Session presentations will be recorded, so you won’t miss the sessions you can’t make!

Keynote: The Future of Experiences

Alan Armijo and Mitch Bach will be joined by the company heads of ToursByLocals, Withlocals, Context Travel, and Alternative Athens to discuss the way companies are pivoting in unique ways, and designing innovative new experiences and tours, both online and in-person.

Rethinking Tour Product Possibilities (7+ workshops)

Let’s use this downtime to think of a variety of ideas for refreshing and transforming your core tour products. As Covid-19 continues to force us to rethink and pivot our business strategy, and we can’t operate as we have in the past, we’ll look at new ways to “wow” your guests, rethink your itineraries, refocus your brand, and create products that sell in a world affected by Covid-19. This is a chance to go beyond OTAs and SEO and look at the core of what makes your tours tick!

  • Guest Experience is Everything: The Power of Creating “Wow” Moments Mitch Bach (TripSchool)
  • PANEL: The Guide in the Driver Seat: Building Creative, Unique Experiences TravelCurious, Atlas Obscura and Alan Armijo
  • Planning for Growth: Tips for Expanding Your Tour Product Line Lauren Shannon (Arigato Japan Food Tours)
  • Beyond Infotainment: Creating a Deeper Tour Experience Mina Okpi (Black Outdoor Adventurers)
  • Going Virtual: What’s Working with Online Experiences Kelsey Tonner (Be a Better Guide) and Cyra Alcock (Devour Tours)
  • The Art Of Positioning: Using Your Unique Selling Proposition To Stand Out & Sell Tours Marica Brewster (Von Mack Agency)
  • The Private Tour Option: How to Make It Work For You In 2021 and Beyond Evan Tipton (Tomis Marketing)
  • Discussion: What does a “Luxury” tour look like? Heather White (Spark Experiences)
  • Discussion: Food Tour Talk with Grace Della (Miami Culinary Tours)

Nuts & Bolts Learning (7+ workshops)

In these practical, “nuts & bolts” sessions we’ll focus on the skills and practices that keep you running. Operators will share everything from pricing worksheets, o