TripSchool offers immersive tour director & guide training experiences online and around the world!

TripSchool offers immersive tour director & guide training experiences around the world!
Tour directors and guides work a job unlike any other; becoming one might be the decision that changes your life forever. Whether you’re new to the industry or established and looking to improve your skills, TripSchool offers the the most innovative, intense and immersive training experiences you’ll find.
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“There’s nothing else quite like TripSchool.”

We love our grads, and the feedback they give. There’s only so much we can say to convince you to try one of our classes. But, hopefully the enthusiasm of our graduates helps you understand how TripSchool is different! We never solicit endorsements, but we love to share the praise we receive.

“I want to send a huge thank you to Mitch and Alan for your wisdom and support. TripSchool is the best decision I’ve ever made (and you can make if you are trying to get into the travel industry). The information received left me excited, some left me scared, some made me cry, but we always had laughs. You guys are beyond amazing!”

-Amber Peterson

“Thank you Mitch Bach and Alan Armijo for an unforgettable experience on your MegaTraining! You are both at the top of your game and offer us so much more than the basic where to go and how to get there!!! Your passion and enthusiasm for the industry is unsurpassable, and your energy is infectious!! Thank you for sharing all your secrets and not keeping them to yourselves. I am so grateful and privileged to be a part of such a wonderful community.”

-Shelba Bell

“It’s been an amazing Mega journey! … It’s been beyond mind-blowing! I can’t give you two enough praise, accolades or appreciation!”

-Miriam Bourin

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TripSchool Partner with IATDG

TripSchool + IATDG

We are proud to be the training partner of the International Association of Tour Directors and Guides, the world’s premier organization for group travel professionals! All TripSchool certification graduates receive a free first year’s membership, and IATDG members receive exclusive discounts for our classes.

Together, there is no better way to get educated and hired!

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Our training methods are fresh, innovative and designed for the travel industry of the 21st century. Our programs are intense, interactive, and transformative.

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We are truly a tight knit community that helps each other. Our holistic approach to training continues to mentor you through your career, going far beyond simple job referrals.

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