A learning revolution.

Tour director and guide training has always been an in-person experience. And that’s a good thing; you need to feel your way through a city, and learn by modeling the best in the business. But that’s not always convenient or possible.

Introducing an online learning opportunities exclusively for the tour directing and guiding industry!


Taught by TripSchool instructors and trusted experts in the field, these ongoing webinars cover a wide range of tour topics, from destination logistics to specialized areas of professional development.

Opportunities Every Month •  2 hour sessions • $39
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Fundamentals of Tour Directing & Guiding

This is where you should begin in this industry. Once you’re serious about pursuing tour directing or guiding as a career, this online course will take you through all of the basics you need to understand what you’re doing.

Level 1 of our Training Program •  15 jam-packed modules • $299
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