Not your ordinary guidebook

Sick of buying a guidebook, only to discover that they skimp on information, while offering hundreds of pages of hotels and passport agency phone numbers? Our handbooks are 100% commentary & logistics material, crafted specially for travel professionals.

Tales Trivia, & Tidbits

Of course you get all the dates and architects you need to answer pesky questions, but the focus is on great stories, trivia, and fun facts. Telling you the sparkly details that make a place interesting, with tidbits from history, pop culture, movies, and more.

Designed to help you learn quickly.

A format fit for guides. No fluff. Quick, sharp sentences filled with only the most interesting information. Bold text and bullet points to help you get to what you need quickly, and craft your own commentary.

Just some of the unsolicited praise we’ve received…

“Your books are great!!!!! Love them!” -Jakki

“The books arrived yesterday. Wow! Opening the cover was like opening the lid to a treasure chest. Thank you for sharing your expertise with the rest of us. As a newbie I just gained a lot more confidence by having these resources. I can’t wait to get out on the road!” -Michelle

“I started looking over the DC book and I am so impressed! So much information-wow!” -Suzanne

“Got the book today, and, even after a very brief review, I know that your interesting morsels of information will help me craft a really good first student tour to Boston. So happy to have your books, and your wonderful information has already added pizzazz to my commentary.” -Debbie

“I just finished your Boston training book. Outstanding. Just what every TD needs.-Frank

“The books are fabulous! You have really filled a need with so many great facts, stories, and trivia.-Carol

“Thank you so much, they are amazinggggg! They were worth every penny.-Skye

“I was thinking I need to email you and let you know how much I enjoy learning new information from them. Thank YOU for doing this.” -Ann

“Thank you for taking the time and writing all of those and sharing all of your knowledge, I use them all time!-Jen

“Greetings again Mitch! I wanted to let you know how wonderfully helpful your books on DC, Boston, and New York have been! Thank you for putting them together.” -Joseph

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New York City Guide Book for Tour Guides
Mitch Bach
275 Pages
The basics of Manhattan: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Financial District, 9/11 Memorial, Times Square, Central Park, Fifth Avenue... everything you need to succeed on a standard NYC tour.
In Stock 3/23
New York City Guide Book for Tour Guides
Mitch Bach
245 Pages
Beyond the usual NYC. More interesting Manhattan neighborhoods: Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, Harlem, Morningside Heights, plus further afield in Brooklyn, plus a primer on Queens and the Bronx.
In Stock
Washington, D.C. City Guide Book for Tour Guides
Mitch Bach
220 Pages
Everything regular DC tours cover: all the major memorials, monuments, museums, Mount Vernon, the White House and Capitol Hill, plus the Kennedy Center and other less-obvious sites.
In Stock
Boston City Guide Book for Tour Guides
Mitch Bach
220 Pages
Covers Boston and the surrounding areas of Cambridge and Charlestown, including the Freedom Trail, North End, Back Bay, Fenway, the Blackstone Block, and more.
In Stock
Alexandria, VA and Mount Vernon Guide Book for Tour Guides
Leigh Jameson
200 Pages
The town of Alexandria, VA in depth, including the waterfront, walking tours around Market Square in all directions, plus driving tours of Washington Street out to Mt. Vernon, plus in-depth stories and history of Mt. Vernon itself.
In Stock
Study Guide for NYC Tour Guide License
Bob Brennan
220 Pages
This helpful guide helps you through practice questions to prepare you for the NYC Sightseeing Guide license administered by the Department of Consumer Affairs. The author covers the history and logistics questions, plus helpful information about preparation and how to take the test.
In Stock
National Parks Tour Director Training and Tour Guide Training Guide book by Carol Kendrick
Carol Kendrick
464 Pages
Hundreds of pages of logistics, fun stories and tidbits, plus all the human and natural histories of this region, making your tours there come alive. These are some of the hardest tours to operate logistically, and this manual gives you everything you need to succeed.
In Stock
Guide Book to the Civil Rights Trial
Leon Burnette
308 Pages
This book covers the very popular Civil Rights tours through the Deep South, covering Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee, plus the personal stories of dozens of Civil Rights leaders.
In Stock

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These aren’t guidebooks like you find in a bookstore; they’re training manuals meant for professional tour directors and guides. Traditional travel guidebooks are light on content, and include a lot of “fluff” that doesn’t concern the working tour guide/director. These books are just the meat! They are the result of decades of research and on-tour experience delivering the material. The market is flooded with books that fill the pages with (sometimes useful) pictures, or thousand-page history books. These are books written by tour directors and guides who have the experience to choose the information that is the most engaging material for groups. You’d have to spend hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours to recreate what’s inside. Think of these more as professional training manuals than just another Frommer’s.

We’ve priced the books at the average cost of one hour’s pay as a local guide.

Sure! Every single sight takes a different shape but here’s the Plaza Hotel in case you’re curious.

Yes! But not in the book; I’ve made online versions that you can easily access on your phone, computer, or tablet, so that you can orient yourself through your current location.

The maps are found at, which you can bookmark and add to your phone’s home screen for easy reference!

New York is vast and overwhelming. In 2019 we will even be releasing a NYC III. Right now, the first volume focuses on 75% of the sights that every groups sees, student or adult. The Financial District, 9/11 memorial, Central Park, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, the big stuff. But just covering that alone yielded nearly 80,000 words. So Volume II covers all the extra “spice” that we add to our tours: a Greenwich Village walking tour; Chinatown, Soho, Brooklyn Heights & the Bridge, Harlem. You get the idea.