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From tour guide training and tour director certification to tour business coaching and consulting, we offer incredible lifelong learning opportunities for the travel professional, both online and in-person.

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Our Commitment to changing the travel industry for the better.

Mitch Bach &
Alan Armijo

TripSchool is a mission-driven organization.

“We started TripSchool to help improve the travel industry, with creative and innovative ideas for how powerful a travel experience can be, when done right. We believe that being an Experience Creator is an incredible responsibility: to our travelers and to the planet and cultures we work in, to do something really special and transformative. Travel changes people. It leaves a lasting impact on their lives. Our goal is to help tour guides, tour directors and tour operators take their craft to the next level.”

“You can’t get a better education anywhere on the planet than from TripSchool, hands down. There’s simply no comparison with TripSchool, none!”

“Thank you for your wisdom and support. TripSchool is the best decision I’ve ever made (and you can make if you are trying to get into the travel industry). The information received left me excited, some left me scared, some made me cry, but we always had laughs. You guys are beyond amazing!”

“TripSchool is unique, a life & career changer and I can’t thank Mitch and Alan enough for sharing their knowledge, providing amazing support and giving us tools, tips and confidence to dazzle our guests.”

Tailor-made learning solutions for the tour industry.


  • Online and in-person learning!

  • Local tour guide training courses

  • Tour Director Certification to travel the world.

  • Start a tour business if you’re a travel entrepreneur.

  • Destination Trainings

  • Continuing education courses in storytelling, technology, marketing, and business

For Businesses

  • Private Guide Trainings, online & in-Person

  • Company Event Speaking & Workshops

  • Tour Guide Script Review + guest experience audit

  • Tour Business Coaching & Strategy for Tour Operators: get a holistic view of where your business is, and plan where it can go.


  • Regular in-person & online events

  • Join our private, free online travel industry Facebook community.

  • Tour Guide Job Board

  • Destination Logistics Support

  • Free Online Guide Profile in our Global Guide and Business Directory

Start with our FREE ebook: Refresh & Reinvigorate Your Tours!

Our short e-book shares tips and tricks for guides and business owners, and summarizes our mission in this industry: creating exceptional wow moments, delivering an engaging, story-based experience to your guests, and using technology and creativity to take your tours and guest experience to the next level.

Learning + true community

Whether you join us for a tour guide training course, or a tour business coaching session, or for team building for your company, we’re welcoming you into a family that takes care of each other. We host events both virtual and in-person, and connect online in our online community platform called Campfire. We’re all stronger through sharing and connecting, than seeing everyone else as competition.

Meaningful global partnerships

TripSchool partners with international associations, training and research companies, non-profits and conferences to support you and our industry. Our global network includes relationships with organizations like Arival, offering conferences, support, learning, and continued connection to the industry, as you grow your business or guiding career. Places like the Tourpreneur community provide boots-on-the-ground resources for entrepreneurs.

And we help tour directors and guides connect with their local communities, and get work through our affiliations with associations like the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and the Global Guide Alliance, along with dozens of local associations of which we are industry partners.

Trusted by companies around the world.

We’re known in the industry for our creativity and innovation when it comes to reinventing tourism training for this quickly-changing world, and our tour directing and guiding graduates work around the world with leading tour operators. In addition, TripSchool has been invited by some of the largest tour companies and organizations in the world to lead trainings for their guides.

“I cannot begin to adequately express my appreciation. The rumors are true, and I have experienced it first hand: TripSchool is the definitive training experience. No contest. You have imbued me with confidence and I am eternally grateful!

-Denise Swain, SceneThat Tours

“I just wanted to stop and say a big THANK YOU to each of you. You have helped me get adjusted to this new world; one week after my graduation from TripSchool, I booked two NYC tours! And now, I’m doing performance and Broadway tours, and then three tours of southern England. Then in June, I’ll do a couple of DC-NYC tours…I don’t have any more days left between now and the end of June! Thanks so much for helping me get prepared for this life. It’s just so exciting to see what is opening up before me.”

-Greg, Tour Director Certification, ’19

Let’s start with a chat!

We love talking about the industry, and helping you figure out whether a TripSchool program is the right fit for you. Reach out to us, and we’ll set up a call to talk things through. Or just send us a note!