We help our graduates succeed.

We give you modern tools to excel in this career.

International Association of Tour Directors and Guides IATDG

IATDG Conference & Membership

As part of your program fee, we offer you free membership for your first year with our partner, the International Association of Tour Directors and Guides. Their large annual conference is the best place to get seen by dozens of tour companies, and get hired quickly. Membership includes job offers, a members forum, and profile that tour operators are constantly consulting.

TripSchool Tour Guide Personal Profiles

Your TripSchool Profile

We’re the only certification program that also offers you an online profile, hosted by us, that you can use to show tour operators who you are, in a way that expresses your personality. Tour companies love it!

Get Hired with Job Offers from TripSchool

Exclusive TripSchool Job Offers

We work with tour operators to place you directly on tours and in companies that know and love our grads, and who are always looking for new tour directors. We vouch for you, and help give you personal connections to excel quickly in the job.

TripSchool Tour Operator List to get hired

Online Tour Operator Directory

Through our networking, experience and alumni, we’ve assembled the only online directory in the industry of hundreds of tour operators that you can use to research and contact for potential jobs.

TripSchool Tour Director Resource Portal

The Resource Portal

Our resource portal is constantly growing and contains valuable information for quick reference. From logistics to contacts, you will have access to the information you need online!

TripSchool Private Facebook Forum

The Private Facebook Forum

This is where you’ll most readily feel the family love! We have an incredibly supportive and nurturing community that encourages you, and where you can ask all sorts of questions about the career. No tour operator is allowed on the forum, so your privacy is guaranteed.

The TripSchool Resume & Headshot

We’ve invented a new way to present yourself to tour operators, and they love it. It stands for everything we’re about: it’s bold, honest, fresh and innovative. The TripSchool resume is unlike any of the other, older models, and makes a clear statement about who you are as a tour director.

We’ll also make sure you have a free, professional-quality headshot to use, that shows you as you are, active and out in the world. We’ll also take photos and videos of you in action, while leading the training group.

TripSchool teaches you how to engage people, peak their interest, keep them listening without boring them. Their techniques put us ahead of the pack, and their talented staff is always willing to share their knowledge so we can all succeed beyond expectations. Anyone looking into this business and wanting to shine should not hesitate to take the course. I wouldn’t be the TD I am today without TripSchool. Having applied their lessons, I’ve already received stellar feedback!
Once you are an official graduate, they don’t drop from your radar. They stay in contact, keep you updated with what’s new in the business, give you job leads and assist in preparing for your tours. They truly care about your success!

– Terrie