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Master the Art of Storytelling for Tour Guides

Supercharge your storytelling abilities with this interactive online workshop!

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Next online class:
August 17-27, 2020

Monday & Thursday for 2 weeks

4 live classes
via Zoom

9-11am Pacific Time

Lifetime access to Recordings

Small group workshop format
Taught by Mitch Bach

Storytelling Workshops for Tour Directors and Tour Guides

Storytelling is everything.

Gone are the days when tour directors and guides can slide by with disconnected dates, facts and tidbits. Tour guests today already know everything; what they want is to feel a connection to a place, through incredible narratives developed by the guide.

Developing great stories is more than learning your information, it’s a craft and a practice. So come join us for a 2-week storytelling clinic! For the first time ever, Mitch is offering to the public the class he’s taught privately for years exclusively for tour operators.

What you’ll learn

  • TripSchool’s “secret sauce” for story structure

  • The varieties of guide stories

  • Toolbox of strategies for connecting with your audience, students and adults

  • Developing Themes

  • How to develop a Wow Story that your guests won’t forget

What you get

  • Lifetime Access to Recordings

  • Small Group Workshops of 10 people

  • 4 Sessions of 2 hours each (2 ‘classroom’ and 2 ‘workshop’)

  • Access to Private TripSchool Online Learning Hub Facebook Group

  • PDF Booklet of Storytelling Tips and Resources

This is a live, participatory workshop!

We’ve been experimenting with both styles of courses, and the feedback has been overwhelming: right now, motivation is in short supply and everyone’s struggling to feel connected to each other.

It’s more work for us, but that’s why we believe live courses offer better engagement and a more rewarding learning experience. You’ll be with a community of likeminded people, keeping you motivated and inspired by watching everyone else tell stories, and then continue together on our private Facebook forum after the course.

Mitch Bach Instructor

If you’ve ever heard Mitch speak at a tourism conference or company meeting, you know he’s obsessed with storytelling. He’s devoted his life to teaching others the skills for telling passionate, engaging stories about places around the world.

He’s written four guidebooks, has history and philosophy degrees from the Sorbonne University (Paris), and has led tours around the world for over 18 years. He speaks around the world at conferences and company meetings, and is the co-Founder of TripSchool.

Course Outline

Classes Take place from 9am-11am Pacific / 12pm-2pm Eastern

Monday, August 17 Storytelling: Structure and Emotion

Today we begin by diving into the nitty-gritty of storytelling technique. We’ll start by looking at the brain on storytelling, and see how the wide varieties of storytelling all employ ages-old structures, archetypes, themes, and more. Onto that structural scaffolding we’ll then learn to apply techniques that bring out emotion, drama, and help you connect with the feelings of your audience.

Thursday, August 20 Interactive Workshop #1

Homework day! In groups of 10 or less, we’ll work on delivering and improving the stories you each prepared for the class. In an incredibly supportive community atmosphere, we’ll all take turns delivering our work and then learning to apply new strategies to make them even better.

Monday, August 24 Storytelling: The Wow Story

While we spoke more broadly about story in the first class, this week we’re going to develop your “wow story”, which is your money shot. It’s your hit song, or your showstopper! The wow story is polished and powerful, and it’s the story your guests will remember even at the end of the tour. From research, to editing and delivery, we’ll create a story that’s sure to impress your guests, students or adults.

Thursday, August 27 Interactive Workshop #2

Second homework day! Again, in groups of 10 or less, this time we’ll deliver our wow stories that we’ve worked on this week. These stories will be longer, more involved, but we’ll apply everything we learned and support everyone’s hard work!

“What an incredible storyteller! Dare I say, one of the best.”

-Dorothea Henry, Worldstrides

“The BEST storytellers I have ever met! Learning has never been so fun.”


What do you get?

  • Participatory, collaborative, workshop-based learning with industry leaders

  • Workshop size limited to 10 people

  • 2 teaching sessions + 2 small-group workshop sessions

  • Class recordings can also be viewed any time at your convenience

  • PDF workbook with our story construction framework

  • The TripSchool “Secret Sauce” of methods for creating incredible stories

  • A supportive, encouraging and dynamic TripSchool Online Learning Hub Facebook forum

  • Lifelong access to all online materials


After payment, you’ll receive an email survey to sign up for your Thursday small-group workshop sessions!

Enroll in August Workshop!

If you haveĀ any questions, contact us! And of course payment plans are available, if necessary. We don’t want this to be a hardship for anyone.