TripTECH Technology Workshops

Throughout the year we offer two-day technology workshops that cover dozen of ways to improve your tour experience with technology. Bring your phones, tablets and laptops as we help walk you through the techniques that will change your tours! After years of speaking on these topics, Alan and Mitch have heard you: you’d like a real-world chance to get assistance with learning and implementing these new techniques.

When and where?

Our workshops are held across the United States and Canada.

Due to covid-19 there are no workshops planned at the moment.

How Much?

$279 for two full days of small-group and individual instruction. Lodging is not included.

Resource Portal

After the workshop finishes, we don’t leave you hanging. You’ll have access to our exclusive Resource Portal with tutorials and links to everything that we covered in person.

Your Instructors

Mitch & Alan are the founders of TripSchool, and have been using technology in innovative ways since the invention of the abacus. They’ve spoken on this topic at public conferences like ITMI’s Symposium and IATDG, and privately for many of the top tour operators. They’ve pioneered new uses of technology on tour that are now widely used in both student and adult tours.

What We’ll Cover

Note Taking & Organization
We’ll look at all the latest tools for organizing your research in ways that make it accessible wherever you are. We’ll talk about web clipping, note tagging, organizational methods, and share the ways we keep everything at our fingertips.

Photo Editing & Social Media
Helping your guests take better photos is so important to their trip experience; we’ll look at how you can take better photos for your own marketing purposes, and how to share tips with guests. Plus we’ll explore methods for sharing photos in a group after the tour, and using them on social media to promote yourself.

DVD Burning of YouTube Videos
If you’re not showing small-clip videos on the motor coach, you’re now officially behind the times! This technique was pioneered by Mitch & Alan years ago, and we’ll share the downloading, editing and burning secrets to giving your tours an extra pizazz.

Tablet use on the Motor Coach
If you have a computer or tablet, we’re be sharing the interesting ways that you can use it with the video monitors on your motor coach, from slideshows, quizzes, games, tour tasks, to videos and interactive presentations.

Custom Mapmaking & Route Tracking
There is new, free map software out there that helps you keep track of the information you know, and the locations where it’s most relevant. We’ll work together to help you learn to create these maps yourself, and harness this incredibly powerful technology to keep everything you know organized.

Phone & Tablet Apps
There areĀ so many new smartphone apps that will help you along the way! We’ll share some of our favorites.

Portable Printers & Tour Applications
If you’ve ever heard us speak, you know we’re fans of portable printers for on-the-road applications. We’ll offer you some never-before-shared techniques for wowing your guests!

Making a Farewell Video or Slideshow
This is probably the best tech-based way to increase your tips and evaluation scores, by giving your guests a video or photo-based look back at everything you’ve done on the trip. We’ll work together to create our own!

Engaging Students with Technology
Today’s students are born in and breathe the atmosphere of technology at every stage of their life. So we’ll look at how we can use tech to engage with students more effectively.

Marketing Yourself Online
Let’s talk about some of the many ways we can create an online presence, and connect with past guests to market yourself effectively online, using Facebook, Mailchimp, Instagram, and more.

Details & Fine Print

  • We’ll tailor the course to your needs.

  • You’ll receive one-on-one and small group instruction

  • Limited to 10 people per instructor

  • Bring your own laptop, tablet and smartphone to apply the techniques immediately!


(Lodging and meals are on your own.)