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Whether you’re a small business owner looking to improve your tour experience, or a large tour operator looking to train your tour directors or find the right fit, TripSchool works with companies of all sizes. We offer customized, in-person or online solutions for your training needs. We help you grow your business, and give you the confidence that your guides will offer guests an incredible level of engagement and knowledge.
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The TripSchool Experience

We do four things, really well.

Training Trips

We offer both general public and private, custom intensive destination trainings. We’ll craft an expert destination training, so you don’t have to. Better than a shadow tour, we’ll make sure your new hires are ready for the road.

Speaking & Workshops

We’ve spent years coming to companies and training tour directors on better storytelling, innovative uses of technology, and creating wow moments on tour. In short: we offer boot camps to make your guides better.

Custom Training Manuals

Mitch has written incredibly popular handbooks for the east coast. We offer you the ability to tailor our enormous database of content to your itineraries, and custom-brand the books for you. We’ll fill the books with best-in-class information, tailored to your itineraries, branded for your company.

Online Courses & Tests

If your TD doesn’t have time to visit a place, or you’d like sales staff to learn more about a destination, we offer online courses that serve as virtual FAM tours, complete with video, maps, and commentary. We also offer custom assessments of your TDs’ knowledge, assuring you that they know their stuff.

Who are we?

TripSchool is the project of Mitch Bach and Alan Armijo, two veteran tour directors who have worked in the travel industry for the past 20 years. Alan resides in Montreal and has worked on both the front and back end of tour operating, filling his year with student and adult groups around Canada and the U.S.. Mitch started guiding in Paris, and has authored four popular guiding handbooks for cities across the U.S. East Coast. He was a TD in Europe for 6 years before working in North America for the past 11. He has trained new guides for various companies for the past 7 years, and has been a featured speaker at large conferences and a dozen major companies’ annual meetings, from Disney to Globus.

Need a tour director?

We have 500+ alumni, all around the world. We believe our grads have been trained incredibly well, and stand by them. You can always access our graduate portal to quickly see their photos, resumes, and expertise. You can also contact us and we will blast our community ASAP to quickly find you a qualified TD!
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More about what we offer…

Our training trips

Training new TDs is expensive and difficult for companies large and small; often your budget doesn’t permit the development of an extensive destination training program. We run trips around the U.S. and Canada, using ourselves and the best instructors in the country to teach new TDs the routing, logistics, storytelling and special, hidden gems and tricks to make new TDs appear like they’ve been doing the job for years.

Your hires can join our trips and you can rest assured they will be ready to shine. If you have a group of TDs, we’ll customize the training to make sure we cover sights and specific itinerary items you want them to see.

You can also send sales and office staff at a discounted rate to join our trips! What a better way for your in-house support to understand what they’re selling and the tours they’re operating.

And you, as a TD or operations manager, are always invited to see what we do for free.


We’ll come to you! We can host 1-3 day workshop series designed to give your guides incredible storytelling techniques, new and innovative uses for technology on tour, plus ways of creating special wow moments on tour that delight guests and turn them into repeat customers. We’ve already led sessions for several major tour operators across the U.S. and Europe.

Custom Destination Handbooks

Mitch has written four wildly popular books covering commentary and logistics of NYC, DC and Boston, available to the general public through his publishing company, TourGuideResources (TGR). In 2018, he’s partnering with trusted writers to continue his line of books to 12 more destinations, always with the same focus. Not only does the material cover history and basic commentary, but it also offers a wealth of fun facts, trivia, and local tidbits that make a tour come alive. The material is praised for being easy to read and use, and cuts down on the training time for a new tour director.

We’re offering you the opportunity for custom, branded training manuals in paper and online forms that draw on this database of knowledge, pairing it with the specificities of your itineraries. They can either be purchased at a discounted price by you the tour operator, or sold direct to the TD through a secure, private online portal specific to your company.

Online Video Courses

We can offer you customized, proprietary, branded online portals for your TDs to receive the most up-to-date routing, logistics and commentary notes about your itineraries, without you having to worry about pouring internal resources to keep it running and up-to-date. We’ll keep everything current, you can rest assured that your TDs have access to the knowledge they need to succeed.

Our courses are not only for destinations, but also for general professional development. We offer video-based courses on tour directing, storytelling, and e-learning resources for using the latest technology on tour, a topic many veteran TDs struggle with.

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