Professional Development Webinars

Our webinars are low-cost, two-hour video sessions led by an expert in a destination. They are meant to be quick and easy ways to understand the fundamentals of a new destination or professional growth topic to make you look like a pro!

$39 a Pop!

These affordable sessions run for two hours, and are filled with a huge amount of information, and along the way you can ask questions. You’l be able to re-watch the seminar for a limited period after.

New Skills, Logistics and Hidden Gems

These sessions are focused on technology skills and destination logistics. We’re focused on coach parking, walking tour routes, scatter lunch and dinner spots, timings, and addressing the major pitfalls of leading a tour to this destination.

A Perfect Refresher

If you’re new or haven’t led a tour to a city recently, these webinars will run you through everything that’s new and has changed in the destinations, meaning you’ll look like a pro even if it’s been a few years!

Current Schedule

All classes start at 7pm Eastern Time!


November 20 • FREE! Tour Prep: Destination Research and Note Organization Strategies for the next season Taught by Mitch Bach
November 26
FREE! Finding your mojo – perfecting the story and building confidence in telling it • Taught by Alan Armijo

December 5 NYC: The Secrets of Greenwich Village & The West Village • Taught by Mitch Bach

December 6 NYC: Chinatown, Soho & Little Italy Taught by Mitch Bach

December 16 The Civil Rights Trail • Taught by Leon Burnette


January 6 • Boston Wow Moments: The Dark Side of Charlestown & “Southie” • Taught by Alan Armijo

January 9Washington, D.C.: Georgetown In-Depth • Taught by Mitch Bach
January 13 • Boston Wow Moments: The South End, an Untapped Treasure • Taught by Alan Armijo
January 16
Technology: Making Customized DVDs of YouTube Videos • Taught by Mitch Bach

January 29 Broadway, Baby! NYC Theater Q&A with a Broadway Agent • With Greg Uliasz & Alan Armijo (moderator)

February 17 Boston: Virtual Walking Tour of Beacon Hill • Taught by Alan Armijo

March 9 Getting Ready for Student Season: Tips, Tricks & Updates • Taught by Mitch Bach & Alan Armijo

What do we cover?

  • Bathroom Locations
  • Coach Parking Locations
  • Standard and Special Scatter Lunch Stops
  • Free Dinner areas
  • Walking Tour Routes
  • Bus Sightseeing Tour Routes
  • Timings and Helpful Destination-Specific Phone Apps
  • Itinerary Attractions / Highlights
  • Wow Moments to make your group feel special!

The Webinar

  1. The sessions begin promptly at 7pm Eastern Time, which means you should click on the webinar link 10 minutes or so before we begin, so we can troubleshoot any issues you may have. We can’t be held responsible for you arriving late, and having technical issues. We can’t stop the teaching session for one individual person.
  2. You will see the instructor’s face, and a guided slideshow plus interactive maps. We don’t need to see or hear you; you can ask your questions through a chat box. We will have a moderator fielding your questions and asking them to us. We’ll try to get through everyone’s questions!
  3. You should plan to have good enough wifi, equivalent to watching a video online. Again, we can’t be held responsible for you not having an internet connection at the time of the webinar.

Registration Process

  1. To sign up, you’ll simply click register below, and choose the webinars you’d like the enroll for. You’ll add them to your cart, check out, and voila, you’re done!
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email.
  3. A few days before the webinar, you’ll receive a link.
  4. You can cancel up to the day before. After that, out of respect to the instructor’s time and the limited webinar size, we can’t offer refunds. There are no refunds for no-shows.
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