Free resources for tour operators, guides and tour directors

It can be hard to know where to being if you’re a tour guide or tour operator just starting out in the tourism industry. Even if you’re experienced, the amount of information out there can be daunting! At TripSchool we aim to provide as many free resources as possible to you, to give you the tools to succeed.

Basic Tour Guiding Articles

We’ve written up some basic pieces about tour guiding in general, and tour guide training.

  • How to Become a Tour Guide, Step by Step
    We run you through the basics of starting a tour guiding career. How to find and get tour guide jobs, how to get trained, how to network and grow in this career.
  • How to Get a Tour Guide Job
    Tour guiding is a funny career, it doesn’t work like a lot of other professions. We lay out the different options ahead for you in the industry.
  • What is a Tour Director? What is a Tour Guide?
    One of the most fundamental aspects of this job is knowing what kind of guiding career you want. We offer tour director certification courses for people who want to work over the road, staying and traveling with guests for days, and handling a vast array of tasks. We also offer guide training programs for people who want to stay at home and work in their hometown, more like a day job.
  • How to Get your New York City Tour Guide License
    This is one of the most frequent questions we get asked. We’re a New York City-based company, but we teach all over North America and Europe. NYC requires a tour guide license, and you must pass a test to obtain it. We’ve outlined the whole process for you.
  • How to Get your Washington, D.C. Tour Guide License
    We outline the steps to register and receive your DC guide license. No test is needed!

For Tour Businesses

Check out our range of articles that apply to small tour operators. We strive to give you as much free content as we can produce to help you improve your tour businesses!